Are you expecting? We are here to support you financially and with love!

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Are you expecting? I am here to support you financially and with love!

Top Questions for Adam
How much does it cost to put a child up for adoption?
How do I put a baby up for adoption?
Can I give my baby up for adoption at the hospital?

We know you have questions. Here are some things you can ask us when we connect.

 Will you help me financially during my pregrancy?

Will you be hands-on parents?

How big is your support network?

Are you open to visits after adoption?

What to ask us :)

You can also reach out directly to our adoption attorney. Call or text:

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Email: bbm@mybabyadoption.com

Call or text:  626.514.1049 

Reach Out to Us!

Hi! We are Ben, Benjamin, and Mitch! We are a throuple in a committed and loving relationship.  Mitch and Ben have been together for over 16 years, and we met our unicorn, Ben, 3 years ago. We have strong morals and values and would love to add a child to our charismatic family. 

We offer financial assistance and the promise that your baby will be loved and taken care of!

Thank you so much for considering us to be the adopted parents. We hope that by getting to know us, you will be as confident as we are about the great future of your child. =)

Are you Pregnant & Considering Adoption?

As gay men, although we can’t have children of our own, we do have the opportunity to adopt. We truly believe we were placed on this planet to extend a loving heart and hand to those who need it the most. We all three align on this belief, and we’ve worked hard and are excited to prepare for our family!

We all came from working class families, and we all know how hard our parents had to work to give us all the basic needs, so we knew exactly what we needed to do to ensure our kids would grow in an environment full of support with the tools they will need to thrive. 

Our story that led us here today...

Our Financial Stability

We are all incredibly hard-working and motivated. Mitch works in finance for a Fortune 100 company and one of the largest banks in the world. Ben works for a prestigious Beauty Brand as the Director of Retail Activation, creating content and training tools globally for a large sales team. Benjamin is focusing on our multiple businesses, from our e-com retailer to our rental property management; he is managing it all. Together we have worked to maintain a great and healthy financial level of comfort.  

​We also have a lot of downtime and can't wait to fully focus on raising a child in a supportive and loving home with a stable financial foundation that will only solidify endless opportunities for their future. 

We are an out and proud throuple, all of our families know about our relationship, and they don’t only respect us, but they embrace us. Mitch’s parents are newly retired, live in Florida, and love to come to visit our home in LA frequently. They love the holidays and shower us with gifts. They started giving us kid gifts already, and we don’t even have a kid.…. yet😊

Benjamin’s family resides in Canada; they are Chinese. We video chat with them regularly. They used to own a Chinese restaurant, so we often learn to make some of our favorite Chinese dishes. We love celebrating all the Chinese holidays; with all the different cultures, we have a major celebration every month. And we can’t wait for our kid to be a part of this tri-cultural family. 
Ben’s mom lives in Northern California, Ben is 1 of 12, and he is the youngest. So, he is the “gorda del perro,” (the kid that gets the most love from his entire family.) They are so proud of how far he’s come, and with so many siblings, there is always some excitement with his family. 

Our network of friends is Global. This is because we travel so much; it’s how we learn and grow as human beings. So naturally, we’ve made several connections and friendships all over the world. We are proud to say; we probably know someone on every continent. Friends bring us joy, we learn from each other, and we support each other. 

Our Loving Family and Community

Our Core Values and 


We value family more than anything. For all 3 of us, the family has been critical to our success. Having close relationships with our family members makes for a happier living environment.

We value hard work. We all came from regular working class families, so we encourage and support each other’s goals, and we help each other reach them. We know nothing is easy, but with each other’s help, we can accomplish everything we want to.

We value respect and honesty. We treat others like we would like others to treat us, and we will teach our children the importance of always respecting everyone and oneself. A significant component of earning respect from others is honesty; it is essential we are honest about our feelings; we all value being heard and being understood, which allows us to be happier all around.

And the last thing we would say is communication. Communication is key to a healthy, loving home; we communicate our feelings, our joys, our needs, our wants, and our goals. We will teach our kids the importance of communication, either a positive message or a conversation that may be uncomfortable; the truth is, as long as you communicate, everyone will have the right expectations.

We love staying busy, learning, and experiencing new things. We all picked up hockey recently, and we are about to join a local hockey league. Benjamin loves sports, and we decided that we should do a recreational league as a family, so we are all super excited to learn a new skill.

We love traveling. One of our favorite places to visit is Bangkok in Thailand; the culture is so welcoming, the food is fantastic, and the island views are unlike anything else.

We all are entrepreneurs at heart, so we are always looking for a good investment. We love sitting together and discussing how to bring our visions alive.

Ben loves to play video games during his free time, Benjamin loves watching Star Trek, and Mitch loves searching for the best deals to travel.

One of the hobbies we want to embark on as soon as we have a baby is to learn Chinese. We’ve all been wanting to pick up on another language, and since Benjamin and his family are Chinese, we would love for our kids to speak all three languages so they can communicate with our parents. And of course, we want to learn with them too.

Our Lifestyle and Views

The Life We Will Provide for This Child

We are excited to provide our child a life full of love, opportunities, and support. Our kid will travel the world, will learn from different cultures, will be exposed to art, business, sports, crafts, and whatever their little heart may want to try next. We believe in supporting a child's interest and making sure they have the tools and resources to thrive. 

Our kid will have 3 different families that will love them. Three different holiday gatherings, 3 different support outlets, 3 different cultures. We love pets, so our kid will always be surrounded by adorable dogs and cats. 

Education is important for us, so they will have an opportunity to attend post-secondary education. 

We are philanthropists at heart, so our kid will be raised knowing the importance of giving back and helping others. 

But most importantly, we believe in always knowing the truth about your origin. Our kid will learn about the adoption, we want them to feel comfortable asking questions and we want to be as transparent as possible - we would be happy with an open adoption!

Love will be the key work for our kid's life. 

We are happy to answer any questions you have - we are an open book - and we will be 100% transparent and open with you. Ask us anything! Ask for anything!  We are here for you. 

Email: bbm@mybabyadoption.com 

Call/text: 626.514.1049 

With all our love, Ben, Benjamin, and Mitch =)

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