Are you expecting? We are here to support you financially and with love!

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Are you expecting? I am here to support you financially and with love!

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 Will you help me financially during my pregrancy?

Will you be a hands-on parent?

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Reach Out to Us!

We are a couple who are in a committed relationship looking to adopt a baby. We are healthy and full of life and energy. We have strong morals and values and would love to add a child to our charismatic family. 

We offer financial assistance and the promise that your baby will be loved and taken care of. 

Are you Pregnant & Considering Adoption?

We knew that we wanted to be parents since our second date. We were sitting at a small table in the back of a cute bar talking about our families and lives. To our surprise, our views on parenting and for a family, including how we would endure that journey, were so similar. Laura knew it was meant to be. 

After our wedding in July of 2019, we began trying to build our family.  Trying to get pregnant has been hard for us. With one miscarriage and a lot of negative pregnancy tests, we continue to be unsuccessful. Trying to use medical advancements to get pregnant, such as IUI or IVF is not an option for us and we are content with this decision. In July of 2020, we started the adoption process. If we cannot have a child of our own, we would love nothing more than to provide an amazing life to a baby who needs a family. 

What we do know, is that we can provide your baby with a loving, caring, and fun environment to grow up in to be the person they were born to be.  

Our story that led us here today...

Our Financial Stability

We both have stable careers. Jamison has been a Fire Fighter for 19 years and Laura has been working with children and families with Autism for 20 years. We plan to stay in these careers until retirement. 

We are both financially responsible and have a solid financial base to travel and enjoy our lives to the fullest when not working. We want more than anything to share this with a child. Additionally, we have very good health insurance that allows us to seek out top notch medical assistance if and when needed. 

Our family is us and our 14-year-old Chihuahua, Nacho.  We both value family and look forward to sharing it with a child.  We both grew up in a home with our parents and brothers. We lived in neighborhoods that had many other children the same age. We were always playing outside and active. We are very close with our families. Jamison’s family lives 20 minutes away and we see them frequently for dinners and holidays. Laura’s family lives on the East Coast. We face time weekly to keep them up to date with our lives as well as to be in touch with theirs. We try to see Laura’s family 2-3 times per year. Two years ago, our families joined us in France for our wedding. We were so grateful to share the experience with them.

We, at least once per day, talk about how much we love our home. We live in a three-bedroom cottage just steps from the beach. Our home is spacious and organized but also, relaxing and comfortable. We have a fenced-in backyard that is perfect for evening BBQ’s and a large front terrace that is perfect for lounging. We live on a quiet street and are within walking distance to the beach, parks, shops, and restaurants. 

Our community is small. While it can be vibrant and full of life during the summer months, it resorts to being a sleepy beach town during the winter. It is an incredibly peaceful place to be when the sun is coming up and all you hear is the sound of the waves crashing. Our home and community are safe. We leave windows open for the ocean breeze all year long. 

Our community is also home to some of the best schools in the area. Our local schools rank in the top 25 of best school districts in California. Our neighborhoods are full of families and children. Whether at the beach, the park, or just out for a walk you will always find others outside playing and socializing. We also love that our community offers a lot to its families including concerts in the park, a public art walk every Thursday, a free trolley that picks you up and takes you throughout the town, as well as many other events and festivals. We might be biased but we truly believe our home and community is the most wonderful place and would be perfect to raise a child. 

Our Loving Family and Community

Our Core Values and 


Laura is a happy, carefree individual. She is a helper by nature and extremely patient. She just wants everyone around her to be happy. Laura is so in love with her husband and it makes her so happy that they have so many hobbies in common. Consequently, Laura and Jamison spend a lot of time together and they wouldn’t have it any other way.  Laura has always wanted to have a family of her own. She tries every day to be an exceptional wife to her husband. She knows that she will also be an exceptional parent to a child. 

Jamison thinks Laura has the biggest heart out of anyone he has ever met.  All she wants is for everyone around her is to be happy.  She is very patient and laid back until it comes to her passion of children’s behavior, which is what she does as a profession.  This is where she comes alive, is a leader, and really knows she can make a difference.  Laura absolutely loves her job as a behavioral analyst for children with disabilities and autism.  Jamison loves that he gets to see the smile on her face when she talks about work, because she loves it so much.  Behavior therapy is truly a passion for her, not a job.

Jamison really loves spending time and life with Laura and would like to grow our family to share all of the wonderful things we do.  We have a lot of fun together, agree on parenting styles, and really want to raise a child together.  Jamison is very organized. Laura likes to take care of things as they are presented to her.  Jamison is always on the go.  Laura likes to go slow.  Our different ways of doing things and looking at the world, are what make us a strong team, and would benefit how we approach parenting.

Laura thinks that Jamison is one of the funniest people she has ever met. He is her best friend. He lets her know every day how loved and appreciated she is. Laura believes that Jamison was brought into her life to make up for her deficits. Jamison is logical and efficient. He planned our entire wedding in France from our couch in Southern California. He is always looking out for Laura’s best interest. He is supportive but will always provide another perspective so that she can make the right choice.



We live in a quiet beach town in Southern, California. Jamison is a Fire Captain and Laura is a Behavior Analyst who provides behavioral therapy and parent training to children and families with Autism, other developmental disabilities, and families who might need a little extra support. We are active and enjoy swimming (well Laura does), cycling, and running to stay healthy. If the sun is out, you will most likely find us sitting at the beach or walking the streets of our town. 

We enjoy cooking, reading good books (Jamison likes mystery and Laura enjoys nonfiction), and traveling around the world. Both of us really enjoy our jobs and training for endurance sports because it suits our personalities.  For Jamison, being organized, determined, a hard worker, and a planner suits his lifestyle and is a good yang to Laura’s more laid-back personality. Both of us view family as an important part of our life and cannot wait to have our own. 

Our Lifestyle and Views

The Life We Will Provide for This Child

Laura will be an awesome parent because she is fun, caring, values family, and knows what does and does not work, since she has basically taught dozens of parents, how to properly parent their children throughout her career.  

Jamison is going to be the best father. His tenacity and passion for life keeps our family going. When someone wants to quit, he will guide you. He is accountable and probably the most dependable person Laura knows. He has taught Laura the importance of morals and values and she fully trusts that he will be all of this if not more when he becomes a father. We had a lot of conversations on parenting. Just like every other facet of their life, we believe that to be the best parents, you need to work together and be a team. 

We are healthy people who believe in maintaining healthy lifestyles. 

We both experienced a culturally diverse childhood but for different reasons. Jamison grew up in a town that was home to many different cultures. Laura was able to experience culture by having the opportunity to travel around the world. We value a culturally diverse community. While we welcome the opportunity to parent any healthy child, we have always wanted to parent a child whose family may have come from a different culture. 

We are a good mix of organization and carefree, of logic and fly by the seat of your pants, of fun and seriousness, of play time and work time, of expectations and passion, of considerate and accountable. We are active people who enjoy long adventures to relaxing days at the beach. We would love the opportunity to bring a child into our lives to share with him or her all the wonderful things that make us, us. 

Family Traditions

We love family traditions. Since we started dating, we began a few new traditions. One that we need help on is getting Jamison to wear matching pajamas on Christmas, maybe a baby in matching board shorts will solidify this tradition for us! 

We eat tacos every Tuesday no matter where we are and believe we make some of the best tacos out there. We hope to immerse our child into different cultures. We have a local immersion preschool and grade level school where they can begin to learn German, Spanish, and Mandarin from a very young age. 

We are happy to answer any questions you have - we are an open book - and we will be 100% transparent and open with you. Ask us anything! Ask for anything!  We are here for you. 

Email: LauraAndJamison@mybabyadoption.com 

Call/text: 619.736.7997

With all our love, Jamison and Laura

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