Are you expecting? I am here to support you financially and with love!

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Are you expecting? I am here to support you financially and with love!

I have wanted to be a father for as long as I can remember and today my sole focus is on starting a family as a single gay man. I have been a foster parent and now I am ready for a child of my own. 

I know with every ounce of my being I am meant to be a dad. 

My story that led me here today...

My Financial Stability

I am very lucky to have a career that I love and that is lucrative. I grew up with very humble means, went to college, and eventually ended up working at the White House for the Obama family. My current job in San Francisco affords me the flexibility to be both a good employee and a loving father and role model to my child. 

I have two incredibly loving parents, three older brothers, and five nieces and nephews. It’s been a ton of fun to watch the kids grow up and to spend time with them during the holidays! I’m close with my brothers and my parents can’t wait to become grandparents for the sixth time! I also have a huge active friend community in San Francisco that are all just as excited as I am for this journey I am embarking on.

My Big Loving Family and Community

My Core Values and 


I’m excited to become a parent is to love, mentor, and educate a child in a way that passes along my core values. I’m ready to teach my son/daughter how to love themselves and others, to enjoy healthy eating and living, and to exhibit kindness, compassion, empathy, mindfulness, and respect for the planet. I also look forward to teaching my child life skills to ensure they have the necessary abilities to succeed as individuals. From a young age, I want them to learn how to ask for things and how to interact with others. As they grow, I want to teach my child the importance of community and family and friendships. I truly believe that’s how we all succeed in this world - with the support and love of others. And to do all of this, I will ensure he/she has all the resources necessary to live their best life!  


My friends would describe me as compassionate, super fun, funny, outgoing, thoughtful, easy to talk to, incredibly loving, generous, passionate, and always ready for the next adventure. I’m a very calm communicator and will always make time to connect with my child. I want them to know that I’m here for them, that I’m listening, and that they will always have the chance to tell me how they feel. I’m excited to have a close, loving, and supportive relationship with my child.



I’m also very active and live a full life. I love to run and cycle and hike and spend time in the park with my friends. Basically, anything outdoors! I enjoy road trips (spontaneous or planned!), international travel, and group vacations with other families. I really want my son or daughter to grow up with a love of the outdoors and an appreciation for the company of other children. I also plan to adopt a dog a year or so after my child is born so they have the opportunity to grow up with a pet. My last dog, Nero, was with me for nearly 16 years. I joke that she was my first child, but in many ways she was! We did everything together and I taught her so much. 


I am not religious, but I respect and appreciate all religions.  I understand they can serve as a wonderful means of connection to the higher source, and provide a moral compass and direction for people. I am spiritual and I believe that a higher power will connect you to me through this process. I just know it. 

My Lifestyle and Views

The Life I Will Provide for This Child

I will love this child through thick and thin, unconditionally. I will give my full self to this child. I have the heart, the energy, the time, and the financial means to provide a safe, loving, nurturing and fun home. I would welcome you to stay active in our lives if you would like and I will always be filled with tremendous gratitude for the connection we’ve made! 


I’m happy to answer any questions you have - I am an open book - and I will be 100% transparent and open with you. Ask me anything! Ask for anything! I’m here for you. 

Email: collin@mybabyadoption.com 

Call/text: 650.762.9158

With love, Collin

Ask Me Anything!

Hi - we are Ben, Benjamin and Mitch, and we are seeking to adopt and help you. If you are pregnant and looking to place your child into a loving household please say hello below and let us know how we can help you. 

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With all our love, Ben, Benjamin, and Mitch =)

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